Posted on Mar 23, 2019
What a great night for Brownfield Rotary!!!!
20 new Rotarians were inducted into the family of Rotary at the Brownfield Rotary Club.  Special thanks to ADG Phelps Blume, as well as PDG Dianne Anderson and PDG Charles Starnes. They have provided so much support to see this special event happen.
The inductees were:
Ricky Dill
Bruce Woods
Kathy and Leon Pope
Ken and Amy Cole
Ed Pfiffer
Herman Wheatley
Barbara Willis
Judge John Didway and Maria Didway
Eddie Olivas
Dr. Kelly Riley
Jeff Davis
Eldon Jobe
Anna Reid
Randy Anthony
and Scott Jackson
Justin and Kelly Hesse
Not all were present and not all had new member packets but we will take care of that.
Tom Hesse is President
Officers are Ed Pfiffer and Linda Hesse
Directors are Ricky Dill and Herman Wheatley