Posted on Mar 22, 2019
D5730 Global Grant Water Filter project in Mexico
(Photos are from the community of Tebelchia, Mexico)
Recipients of the water filters have available water in their communities but the water is not potable. Community health personnel determine the recipients in the program based on family need, income, etc. During water filter distributions by Rotarians, health personnel instruct the adults and their children on good hygiene practices, how to maintain the filters, and distribute tooth paste, toothbrushes and soap.
Recipients provide a 5-6 gallon clean plastic bucket, and Rotarians drill a ½” hole towards the bottom of the bucket. One end of a 14” long hose is secured to the ½” hole and the other end is attached to the 6” filter with a hook that is slipped over the bucket rim to keep the filter above the bucket’s water level. Contaminated water is poured in the bucket, the filter hose is unhooked from the top of the rim and lowered into a clean receptacle. Clean drinking water is the result!
Last year Rotarians distributed just under 1000 water filters in small communities within a four hour drive around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This year we have distributed about 450 so far. Rotarians have about 800 more to go and the plan is to complete the Global Grant this year, 2019. When completed we will have distributed about 2200 water filters providing about 8800 people with inexpensive clean drinking water. The filters will last 10 years or more as long as they are properly maintained. An additional Global Grant is be written to continue these distributions.