This spring the three major Food Banks in our District found that the number of qualified recipients desperately needing food for their families rose by 60-75% overnight due to the high volume of unemployment as a result of COVID-19.
And YOU were there to respond.
Together our District Foundation Committee, Finance Committee and our DG Steve Long developed an assistance package of $16,000 from repurposed District Budget Funds matched with District Contingency Funds to be split among:
High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo  
South Plains Food Bank in Lubbock   
West Texas Food Bank in Midland/Odessa
ALSO....  The second round of District Grants this spring was designated for COVID projects.
Three clubs, Amarillo West, Metropolitan in Lubbock, and Midland, designated their grant applications for the three Food Banks. A sincere thanks for your COVID applications that support so many communities in our Rotary District.  
High Plains Food Bank, Amarillo       
$ 5,350   District Gift
$ 1,495   Amarillo West Club COVID District Grant
South Plains Food Bank, Lubbock      
$ 5,350    District Gift
$ 8,300    Metropolitan Club COVID District Grant    
West Texas Food Bank, Midland/Odessa
$ 5,350    District Gift
$ 8,000    Midland Club COVID District Grant
Rotarians, your giving spirit has provided food to help
support our ongoing hunger relief efforts in our communities!