Posted on Oct 17, 2019
I received an appeal from ShelterBox that may interest you with all the new things happening in Syria. There are Rotarians in the region and you may want to offer help to this urgent need.
People in Syria are facing a nightmare. As airstrikes bomb parts of north-eastern Syria, tanks arrive at the border and shelling continues in Adlib, families endure more suffering.
That is why we are reaching out to Rotarians, people of action, who can help us respond to the massive humanitarian needs in Syria.
Every day, fighting can force thousands of families to flee in search of safety. ShelterBox remains committed to helping provide lifesaving shelter and supplies to families caught in the conflict. Our flexible response strategy enables us to respond to the evolving needs of thousands of displaced families.
These are families just like ours, whose lives have been turned upside down, targeted where they should feel safe – at home. When people are caught up in the fighting, they’re left with very few options amidst the chaos. Some flee with what they can pack on the back of a truck or just on their backs. Others may have no option but to stay behind.
Our work in Syria is the largest and most sustained response in our 19-year history. Over 250,000 people have already received ShelterBox aid, since we first responded to the crisis in December 2012. The need is as urgent as ever.
Our current series of projects in Syria will cost more than $1.6 million dollars as we work to shelter an estimated 4,500 families. While our work in Syria is lifesaving and deeply compelling, it is some of the hardest to fundraise for, as it doesn’t make the news headlines to garner widespread public support.
We continue to provide emergency shelter and essential supplies, including: tents, tarps, cooking sets, blankets, solar lights, and warm clothes to protect families from the harsh Syrian winters. Many families have been displaced several times and they need our help. Emergency shelter gives families some sense of stability after constant upheaval.
TO RESPOND TO THIS URGENT APPEAL: Club or District gifts of any amount can be directed to ShelterBox USA through this link use designation “Syrian Refugee Crises”.
ShelterBox USA is rated 4-STARS by Charity Navigator and listed as one of their highly rated organizations providing direct humanitarian aid to displaced Syrians.