The Plainview Rotary Club met at the Plainview Civic Center with Stan DeMerritt presiding. Student of the month Melody Brown brought her mother Kristi as a guest. Shannon Smith from Lubbock Southwest was a visiting Rotarian. Dr. Charles Starnes introduced our Rotary Youth Exchange student Maria Fernanda Dilli Nano and described her weekend adventures of riding a horse, feeding a cow, and harvesting seed on John Browning's farm.
Sue Brightbill introduced the speaker, Mike McCreight, chaplain for the Formby and Wheeler prisons in Plainview. Mike described the programs in the two prisons that work effectively to reduce recidivism. Both Formby and Wheeler have chapels that, according to State Senator Charles Perry, contribute directly to a recidivism reduction of 25%. Mike was exceedingly grateful for the recent local project to build a chapel at Formby. He has seen substantial benefits from the new facility.