Representatives at the 2013 Council on Legislation hold up green cards to demonstrate a yes vote on a motion. Photo Credit: Rotary Images

Representatives from Rotary clubs worldwide will gather in Chicago 10-15 April to consider changes to the policies that guide Rotary International and its member clubs. PDG Jim Cole from the Levelland Noon Rotary Club is in attendance representing District 5730.


The Council on Legislation meets every three years and is an essential part of Rotary's governance. The representatives -- one from each Rotary district -- review and vote on proposals that seek to change Rotary's and on resolutions that express an opinion or make a recommendation to the Rotary International Board of Directors.

on My Rotary beginning 11 April.

Many of this year's proposed changes are designed to increase membership by giving clubs greater flexibility in the timing and the nature of their meetings. Other proposals would amend membership requirements.

Over the decades, Council representatives have debated virtually every nuance of Rotary policy and membership and attendance rules. The five-day meeting is one of Rotary's primary agents for change, allowing the organization to evaluate and enhance its relevance in a rapidly changing world.

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Rotary News, 4-Apr-2016