Posted on Sep 20, 2018
President Retha Pittman and the board shared information about the recent Harvest Festival on Sept. 8th where they annually sell Fredericksburg sausages on a stick and have a raffle. Tahoka Rotary club raised $3,086.51 this year to go toward their senior high school student scholarships.
They also have upcoming recurrent projects that include:
Giving shoes and coats to kids in need at Christmas
Senior Santa day…they put together baskets for low income and disabled senior citizens in their community. They hand deliver these boxes. One gentleman last year got tears in his eyes when they came and said, “I didn’t think you were coming this year.” He was so glad to see them….heartwarming!
Another neat story from Tahoka is that recently AG Cal Brints visited the club. The club has invited law enforcement to come eat a meal when they are on shift during meeting times. Cal patted the policeman on the shoulder and thanked him for his service. The policeman teared up and said, “No one has ever said that to me before.” He had been in law enforcement for a number of years. This prompted the club president to develop a law enforcement appreciation project.  Another heartwarming story of Rotarians doing what they do best!
DG Dan is pictured presenting the RI theme banner to President Retha Pittman and visiting with the board members along with AG Cal Brints.